Globber scooters was launched back in 2014 by a team with more than 20 years’ experience in scooters and quickly gained international success, to become a key player in the scooter market.

Globber scooters for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults are now available in over 85+ countries and 1 Globber scooter is sold every 30 seconds!*

Recognised for its pioneer, patented designs and high-quality, safe scooters, balance bikes, tricycles, Globber has won over 20+ awards for its scooters, and recently tricycles, and been classed by parents, consumers, retailers, and experts in outdoor & scooter products as the best outdoor toy for kids (EVO 4in1 PLUS, now called GO•UP SPORTY PLUS), best urban wheeled product (ELITE LIGHTS), best toy design (EVO 4in1 PLUS, now called GO•UP SPORTY PLUS ), best developmental toy (EVO series, now called GO•UP series) and 2020 national parents’ favorite tricycle (EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1), to name a few!

Globber scooters was also recognized by Hong Kong government consumer council (GovHK) as the safest scooter out of 15 branded scooters and passed all performance tests**.

Globber designs scooters for girls & boys, girls and boys balance bikes and a range of adult scooters for all ages, so there’s definitely a girls scooter or boys scooter for your little one! Some of our most popular girl scooters and boy scooters are pink scooters, blue scooters and lime green scooters, but we offer a wide range of colours for girl scooters and balance bikes and boys scooters and balance bikes to break the trend! You can also purchase matching helmets for all our girl scooters and boy scooters, to bring an extra cute factor while keeping your little one safe! Take our scooter quiz to find your best scooter for girls & boys!

Buy your Globber scooter now on our local websites or locate a scooter store near you to find out for yourself why kids and parents love our scooters so much, and why adults find our innovations practical for everyday living.

*Based on data from 2017.
**Information has been taken from the Consumer Council Hong Kong Report in the September 2017 issue. Read more here